• Use the MOC and CSAT Study Guides to refresh your knowledge on all areas of plastic surgery.

    NOTE: The updated 2019 editions of the CSAT and MOC Exam Study Guides are now available!  
    (Older editions of the Study Guides can still be accessed via your MyCourses area.)

    MOC-PS Exam Study Guides are available for Comprehensive, Cosmetic, Craniomaxillofacial and Hand. Use the guide that relates to the exam that ABPS has approved you to sit for. All four guides also contain the Core module. Earn CME while you study!  

    The Comprehensive Self-Assessment Tool is an excellent reference tool aimed at residents and younger surgeons to provide an overall review of plastic surgery content which could be used for exam preparation, including study for the ABPS Board exams and the ASPS In-Service Examination. The content includes a selection of questions, critiqued responses, and references from recent In-Service Exams divided into  topical modules. The assessment covers five clinical component areas: Breast & Cosmetic, Comprehensive Integument, Craniomaxillofacial, Hand & Extremities and the new Core Surgical Principles module.

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