• Mar 2015 Procedural Video

    Breast Reduction Using SERI® Surgical Scaffold

    Bradley Bengtson, MD
    Released: Mar 2015


    In this video, Bradley Bengtson, MD performs a Breast Reduction with the use of SERI® Surgical Scaffold on a 51-year-old patient to support the lower pole of the breast and to mitigate against future lower pole stretch. This patient presented significant ptosis and more breast volume than desired along with the desire to support her breast on her chest. Dr. Bengtson demonstrates the proper planning and marking of an Augmentation Mastopexy patient when utilizing lower pole scaffold support. Dr. Bengtson also discusses the use of the tumescent anesthesia approach and its benefits to the patient. He describes his approach to achieving a uniform flap and a decrease of wound healing complications thus optimizing patient outcomes and minimizing adverse events. Dr. Bengtson also explains his rationale for and results to date of the use of SERI Surgical Scaffold in supporting this approach.