• Aug 2014 Procedural Video

    Data Breaches Webinar: Risk Reduction Strategies

    Craig Musgrave

    Released: Aug 2014


    In the new digital age, hackers and data breaches are more than just a vague threat. They impact businesses of every size, from mega corporations like eBay and Target to solo plastic surgeons. For a medical practice, a data breach, or loss of medical and/or financial data entrusted to you, can:

    * Significantly impact your reputation and potentially your financials.

    * Lead to civil liability and/or possibly criminal prosecution if you are found to be reckless or perform an intentional act.

    Learn risk reduction strategies to protect your practice from the dangers and potential resulting lawsuits of data breaches in PSEN’s free August webinar.

    Watch Data Breaches: Risk Reduction Strategies, featuring Craig Musgrave, CIO, The Doctors Company.

    Also review two help documents provided by TDC - an Excel Compliance Tracking Sheet and a quick summary PDF Risk Mitigation Strategies.

    This webinar is not for credit.