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    Three Meetings in One!

    The Aesthetica Super Symposium combined the content and approaches of three previous ASPS Symposia: Dueling Perspectives in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Management of Complications in Plastic Surgery and the Regenerative Medicine Summit. The meeting was divided into three concurrent tracks, reflecting those approaches, and then divided within that between Face, Breast and Body. PSEN now offers recordings of the lectures from that meeting to view whenever you like.


    Here's a look at the full meeting schedule. Click on the thumnails to see the full size version:




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    Breast Track

    (11 Panels)

    • Complications in Breast Augmentation - Part I and II
    • Managing Complications in the Aesthetic Breast Patient
    • Complications of Fat Grafting to the Breast
    • Access Incisions for Breast Augmentation: Which Approach is Best?
    • Breast Implants for Augmentation: Do Surface Characteristics and Device Location Matter?
    • Incisions, Lipotransfer, and Volume Alteration: Innovative Concepts with Mastopexy, Reduction and Augmentation
    • From Science to Safety: Optimizing Outcomes with Good Practice Strategies
    • Mega Panel - The Role of Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) in Fat Grafting to the Breast
    • Controversies in Using SVF in Fat Grafting: Expert Panel Debate
    • Fat Grafting to the Breast
    • Strategies for Secondary Breast Augmentation: Techniques and Technologies

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    Body Track

    (10 Panels)

    • Treatment of Scars and Adhesions with Fat Grafting and SVF
    • Abdominoplasty A-Z: Evaluation to Post-Operative Management
    • Regenerative Principles of Fat Grafting: Concepts and Fundamentals
    • The Role of Stem Cells in Plastic Surgery: Fact, Fiction, or Fluff
    • Master Class - Current Concepts in Liposuction Modalities: Evidence and Outcomes
    • Classic Lipoabdominoplasty: Reducing Risk and Improving Outcomes
    • How Long is Too Long: Minimizing Complications in Body Contouring
    • Improve Patient Safety and Satisfaction in Body Contouring Through Multimodal Analgesia
    • Brachioplasty and Thighplasty Marking and Technique
    • Mini Master Class: Non-invasive Body Contouring (RF, Laser, Ultrasound)

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    Face Track

    (8 Panels)

    • Perspectives and Strategies for Surgical Correction of Brow Ptosis
    • Mega Panel - Correction of Nasal Dorsum Deformities
    • Face Off! Why I Do What I Do: The Role of Fat and Fillers in Periorbital Rejuvenation
    • Mega Panel - Neck Rejuvenation: Technique and Technology
    • Mega Panel - Innovation in Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation and Hair Transplantation
    • Etiology and Management of Complications in Facelift Surgery
    • On the Hot Seat - What Would You Do with This Case?
    • Mega Panel - Facelifting and Fat Grafting

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