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    Three Meetings in One!

    The Aesthetica Super Symposium combined the content and approaches of three previous ASPS Symposia: Dueling Perspectives in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Management of Complications in Plastic Surgery and the Regenerative Medicine Summit. The meeting was divided into three concurrent tracks, reflecting those approaches, and then divided within that between Face, Breast and Body. PSEN now offers recordings of the lectures from that meeting to view whenever you like.


    Here's a look at the full meeting schedule. Click on the thumnails to see the full size version:




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    Breast Track

    (9 Panels)

    • Lifting the Ptotic Breast: Augmentation Mastopexy Strategies
    • Managing Complications Following Breast Augmentation
    • Miscellaneous Mishaps Following Breast Augmentation
    • Perspectives on Implant Location and Revision Following Augmentation Mammaplasty
    • Preoperative Assessment and Pedicle Selection for Reduction Mammaplasty
    • Preoperative Planning for Augmentation Mammaplasty: The Dueling Perspectives
    • Reduction Mammaplasty Mishaps: Prevention and Management
    • The Aesthetic Breast Mega Panel: Perspectives, Controversies and Current Reccommendations
    • Tips, Tricks and Preventing Complications with Augmentation Mastopexy

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    Body Track

    (10 Panels)

    • Abdominoplasty: Incision Design, Management of Central Abdominal Flap Lipodystrophy and Pearls of Umbilicoplasty
    • Abstract Aesthetic Presentations
    • Avoiding Complications with Genital Surgery
    • Avoiding Liposuction Complications and Optimizing Results
    • Brachioplasty and Thighplasty Markings and Technique
    • Buttock Augmentation: From Preoperative to Postoperative Management
    • Gender Reassignment A to Z
    • High Performance Wellness: The Mind-Body Connection in Plastic Surgery
    • Minimizing Complications with Body Contouring Surgery
    • Optimizing Pain Control and Nausea Control with Body Contouring Surgery

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    Face Track

    (9 Panels)

    • Migraines 101
    • Mini Master Class: Nonsurgical Fat Removal and Skin Tightening Options
    • Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation Panel
    • Reduction and Management of the Suboptimal Outcomes and Complications of Facial Rejuvenation Panel
    • Rejuvenation of the Central Face and Periorbital Region
    • Rhinoplasty Mega Panel
    • Rhinoplasty: Additional Challenges
    • Rhinoplasty: The Salient Points
    • The Nuances of Secondary Facial Rejuvenation

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    Practice Management

    (8 Panels)

    • Enhancing Your Online Presence
    • How to Survive in Private Practice: Ask the Consultants
    • Optimizing Surgical Conversion Rates
    • Practice Management Redux: Your Toughest Practice Management Questions Answered
    • Principles of Marketing: Mindset Matters
    • The Journal of Retractions: What I know Longer Do
    • The Three Minute Drill: Tips and Tricks
    • The Wonders of the World Wide Web

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