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    Three Meetings in One!

    The Aesthetica Super Symposium combined the content and approaches of three previous ASPS Symposia: Dueling Perspectives in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Management of Complications in Plastic Surgery and the Regenerative Medicine Summit. The meeting was divided into three concurrent tracks, reflecting those approaches, and then divided within that between Face, Breast and Body. PSEN now offers recordings of the lectures from that meeting to view whenever you like.


    Here's a look at the full meeting schedule. Click on the thumnails to see the full size version:








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    Breast Track

    (12 Panels)

    • Aesthetica Bowl: Team Surgical vs. Nonsurgical
    • Disasters of the Masters
    • Do Breast Implant Characteristics and Clinical Outcomes Correlate?
    • Do Preoperative Algorithms Make a Difference for Primary Breast Augmentation?
    • Emerging Controversies with Aesthetic Breast Surgery
    • Evolving Concepts with Augmentation Mastopexy
    • Fat Grafting and Breast Surgery: Keeping it Safe
    • Implants, Lifts and Asymmetries
    • Optimizing Outcomes with Aesthetic Breast Surgery: Technique Matters
    • Panel: Aesthetic Breast Surgery: What Would the Experts Do?
    • Prevention and Management of Reduction Mammaplasty Complications
    • Revision of the Unsatisfactory Breast Augmentation

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    Body Track

    (9 Panels)

    • Abdominoplasty and Brachioplasty
    • Abdominoplasty in the Post-Partum Patient
    • Dueling Videos of the Masters
    • Liposuction Master Class: Tips and Tricks for Choosing Your Type of Liposuction and Optimizing Results
    • Male Body Contouring
    • Masters Class in Aesthetic Female Genital Surgery Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty
    • My Early Career Complications with Body Contouring: What I Know Now that I Wished I Knew When I Started My Practice
    • Optimizing Outcomes in Gluteal Augmentation
    • Tips and Tricks for Avoiding Complications in the MWL Body Contouring Patient

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    Face Track

    (6 Panels)

    • Avoiding Lagophthalmus (and Other Traps) in Upper Blepharoplasty
    • Avoiding Persistent Muscle Bands after Neck Lift
    • Avoiding the Persistent Jowl after Facelift
    • Contrasting Approaches in Lower Blepharoplasty
    • Contrasting Approaches in Rhinoplasty
    • Lip-Tuck: Peri-Oral Rejuvenation

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    Practice Management & Innovations

    (15 Panels)

    • Addressing Physician Wellness- Tough Choices: Lessons Learned
    • Creating the Ideal Patient Experience
    • Fat Grafting: The Now and Future
    • How to Increase your Surgical Conversion Rates
    • Journal of Retractions: What I No Longer Do
    • Online Reputation Management
    • Pain Management: Optimizing Pain and Nausea Control in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
    • Social Media 101 for the Modern Plastic Surgeon
    • The Challenges of Human Resources
    • Three Minute Drill: Tips and Tricks
    • Update on the Affordable Care Act, MACRA, MIPS, Registries, etc.
    • Versatility in Machines
    • Versatility with Needles
    • Website Design and Optimization
    • What if They Don't Book

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