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  • Breast Surgery & Body Contouring Symposium 2017 Recording Package

    Lectures and Presentations
    1. Abdominal Contouring
      Hammond, MD; Rubin, MD; Shestak, MD; Swanson, MD
    2. Advanced Perspectives in Body Contouring
    3. Breast Augmentation
      Swanson, MD; Calobrace, MD; Hammond, MD
    4. Breast Lift Reduction I
      Calobrace, MD; Hall-Findlay, MD; Hammond, MD; Phillips, MD
    5. Breast Lift Reduction II
      Coleman, MD; Hall-Findlay, MD; Phillips, MD; Rubin, MD; Shecther, MD; Swanson, MD;
    6. Breast Reconstruction I
      Losken, MD; Miller, MD; Nahabedian, MD; Saint-Cyr, MD; Shestak, MD
    7. Breast Reconstruction II
      Kim, MD; Losken, MD; Saint-Cyr, MD; Shestak, MD
    8. Buttock and Thigh Shaping with Excisional Surgery
      Gusenoff, MD; Rubin, MD
    9. Buttock Shaping with Fat Grafting
      Mendieta, MD
    10. Challenges in Cosmetic Breast Surgery
      Calobrace, MD; Coleman, MD; Hammond, MD; Shestak, MD; Swanson, MD
    11. Dueling Perspectives
      Calobrace, MD; Hall-Findlay, MD; Miller, MD; Nahabedian, MD; Shestak, MD; Swanson, MD
    12. Hot Topics in Body Contouring
      Coleman, MD; Gusenoff, MD; Rubin, MD; Schechter, MD; Swanson, MD
    13. Management of Complex Aesthetic Breast Problems-Panel
      Kim, MD; Swanson, MD; Calobrace, MD; Hammond, MD
    14. Patient Evaluation and Safety in Body Contouring
      Gusenoff, MD; Mendieta, MD; Phillips, MD
    15. Radiation and Breast Reconstruction-Panel
    16. Safety in Fat Grafting to the Buttock-PANEL
      Rubin, MD; Coleman, MD; Mendieta, MD; Ghavami, MD
    17. The Extended Abdominoplasty
      Phillips, MD; Shestak, MD