• Mar 2017 Procedural Video

    Dorsal Scapular Flap for Right Neck Contracture

    Peter Neligan, MD

    Released: Mar 2017


    In this video, Peter Neligan, MD performs a dorsal scapular artery perforator flap procedure to address a right neck contracture on a woman with significant burn scars. She has previously had two parascapular flaps and a serratus perforator flap for axillary burn scar contractures. Dr. Neligan uses markings to outline the surface anatomy of the  patient's back and to indicate the location of the scapula and surrounding landmarks. The surgery is performed with the patient prone, to better facilitate a z-plasty that will be performed on left side of the neck. A Doppler ultrasound probe is used to locate perforators coming from the dorsal scapular system, and indocyanine green (ICG) and florescent angiography are utilized to determine if flap is adequately perfused. Finally the contracture is released and the flap is inset.

    A for-credit version of this video and course is available here.